Meet Laurie

I have been active my whole life, everything from swimming, lifeguarding to competitive dancing.  After my 40th birthday I decided I would commit to helping others be active.  The best way I could think of to do this was to create an opportunity for people to work out in a fun atmosphere that was non-threatening, affordable, and accessible for everyone. And Body N’ Sole came to life.

While I had experienced numerous Fitness Classes already, it was important to me to ensure that I could provide cutting-edge workouts that were up to date and especially safe. If I’m going to demand the most from my clients, I need to be able to give them everything they deserve in return.   My first step was to start studying! I obtained my AFLCA trainer certification and added numerous specialized certifications in a number of areas of strength and resistance training.

Certifications include:

  • CrossFit-L1 Trainer
  • MAT Jumpstart Certified
  • Kettlebell Trainer
  • Mobility Trainer
  • RT Specialist
  • TRX Trainer
  • MOC Barre Certified
  • Stick Mobility Certified
  • MOC Myofacia Release Certified

You can be ensured that all of my workouts are tested prior to asking my clients to attempt them.

It is my goal to impact others to adopt a healthy lifestyle that is enjoyable, attainable, and suitable to everyone’s busy schedule.